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Manly Men Action Figures — For Manly Men (and Probably Girls Too)

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Tired of seeing so many emasculated, wussy men in commercials, Connecticut-based toymaker Emil Vicale of Herobuilders was inspired by the Old Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa, to create awesome, manly action figures based on commercial characters who were finally getting their MAN on. Because if there’s anything more manly than manly men in commercials, it’s dolls — ACTION FIGURES. Action figures. They’re totally action figures. Totally.

In addition to the Old Spice Guy — who, as you recall, is “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” — Vicale has created 12-inch tall figures based on Mayhem, the accident-prone spokes-clutz for Allstate Insurance (played by Dean Winters), and Dos EquisThe Most Interesting Man in the World.

And according to Vicale, while the Most Interesting Man in the World and Mayhem will sport a Ken-like, uh, midsection, the Old Spice Guy is anatomically correct. Vicale enthusiastically explains:

“I didn’t skimp in the anatomy department with the Old Spice Guy,” Vicale said proudly. “He’s anatomically correct. You can see him flaccid. You can see him erect.”

So, great. They will sell at $50 apiece, so snatch ’em up while they last, gents! These manly man toys are (apparently) just for you! Your very own action figure with a penis on it!

(Herobuilders via AOL News)

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