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Man Wins $17,000 From Boss in Bet About Twitter

It seems like a pretty simple bet, right? That is, until Twitter goes all Twitter on the thing and the tweet gets hundreds upon hundreds of retweets. After tweeting the above message, the man operating the Twitter account for Poultry Keeper went home for the weekend and came back to find about 23,000 retweets and that the tweet had made it into Twitter’s top 100. Do a little math (and conversion) and you’ll find that this guy’s boss technically owes him about £11,000 or or $17,000. Needless to say, the boss is chickening out.

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Of course, who would really demand that their boss fork over that kind of money over a friendly bet. Maybe demand a few free lunches, 20 bucks, but not the whole kit and kaboodle. Besides, while it proves that a tweet like this can go viral, and fast, it remains to be seen whether or not Poultry Keeper will actually benefit from this viral outbreak. I know I’ll go to Poultry Keeper next time I need whatever they offer (don’t ask me what that is) but it’s possible this tweet just got their name out there and will be forgotten by the time everyone needs poultry. Still, the moral of the story: Never make bets where your payout is variable and always make bets when the other person’s is.

(via The Next Web)

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