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Will Male Byleth Be in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes?

tale of two byleths, one more beautiful and popular than the other

With news of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes announced, fans are speculating which characters will be showing up from the main games. Some are worried that male Byleth may be excluded.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, you play the Professor character, whose default name is Byleth. You can decide whether Byleth will be male or female in the game, and that impacts who you are able to romance. Sadly, the amount you can romance is greater when you play as a female character, and there are only a few same-sex romances in the game.

As a result, male Byleth gets the short end of the stick, since you can’t endgame with either Claude of the Golden Deer House (who totally reads as bisexual and it’s bullshit that he is not), or Dimitri of the Golden Lions. It is a huge black mark on the game.

All of the promotional art and gameplay footage heavily shows Female Byleth, whose outfit is also a lot sexier than Male Byleth. While I love seeing the female variant as the face of the game series, there is an issue of is this a choice because she has become the more attractive version.

And I’m not gonna lie; I play as Female Byleth all the time. I pre-ordered the Cruncyroll figure of Female Byleth. It is still a choice that is open to criticism in its intent, especially since one wears a short skirt and fishnets with holes in them (which is a bomb lookm ngl) and the other’s design is neck-to-toe black armor.

There is some speculation that the purple-haired person that Female Byleth is fighting against in the poster and official art might actually be the Male Byleth, switched up to look more like an alternate version. That would actually be exciting—that if you choose Female or Male Byleth, you do actually get different stories and go down a whole new story path.

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that the game will receive a special Limited Edition version which comes with a special artbook, a tapestry map of Fódlan, a set of five acrylic figurines, and a character poster set.

I’m sure, as the release approaches, we will find out who will show up in this new version. All I know is that if I don’t have Dorothea, Petra, and Bernie, I’m going to be in such a rage. Also, my babies the Ashen Wolves had better be included. They are queer icons and deserve to be recognized!

Finally, Nintendo, we want an art book! A good one! With all the possible support endings!

(image: Nintendo)

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