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Ltd. Art Gallery’s Game of Thrones Exhibit Makes Me Want to Book a Flight to Seattle ASAP

It Belongs in a Museum!


  1. Daughter of the Kraken Daughter of the Kraken by Cody Vrosh
  2. A Beauty, A Beauty A Beauty, A Beauty by Kali Ciesemier
  3. Daenerys Daenerys by Craig Drake
  4. The Princess and the Hand The Princess and the Hand by Damon O'Keefe
  5. ASOIF: Book 1 ASOIF: Book 1 by Jim Burns
  6. Stark Family Stark Family Augie Pagan
  7. And Now My Watch Begins And Now My Watch Begins by Barry Blankenship
  8. Blood of the Dragon Blood of the Dragon by Jen Zee
  9. Olenna Olenna by Kevin Stanton
  10. Castleblack Castleblack by Marco Cardonna
  11. The Maid of Tarth The Maid of Tarth by Levi Hastings
  12. Bran on Roof Bran on Roof by Marc Simonetti
  13. The Wall The Wall by Marc Simonetti
  14. Dragonstone Dragonstone by Marco Cardonna
  15. Kingsmoot Kingsmoot by Marc Simonetti
  16. Arya Dreams... Arya Dreams... by Meghan Stratman
  17. The Reeds The Reeds Nan Lawson
  18. The Red Keep The Red Keep by Kali Ciesemier
  19. The Path of Faith The Path of Faith by Nicolas Delort
  20. The Messenger The Messenger by Ruel Pascual
  21. Daenerys Daenerys by Stacy Aoyama
  22. Sword of the Morning Sword of the Morning by Kali Ciesemier
  23. The Hand's Tourney The Hand's Tourney by Steve Thomas
  24. The Rookery at Castle Black The Rookery at Castle Black by Tim Anderson
  25. Iron Throne Iron Throne by Marc Simonetti. This is what the Iron Throne looks like in George RR Martin's head, by the by.
  26. Inside the House of... Inside the House of... by Woodrow Hinton
  27. The King of Summer's End The King of Summer's End by Jason Engle
  28. Fire and Blood Fire and Blood Guillaume Morellec

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