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Logan, Get Out, and Moonlight All Crushed It At the Box Office


Logan and Get Out topped the box office this weekend, with Logan winning the #1 spot.

Given its R rating and relative critical success, Logan drew plenty of comparisons to 2016’s Deadpool in the lead-up to its release. However, with a pull of around $85 million, Logan isn’t quite the $132 million monster that its cheekier predecessor was. Still, it did marginally better than PG-13 Doctor Strange, despite the audience-limiting rating. Now, what lesson will studio executives take from this box office? Will be it be to give directors and actors more creative license, allowing them to create meaningful stories for the studio’s IP? Or will it be to hype up the violence and “grittiness” in future superhero films? If this goes the way of comics in the 1990s…we’re in for a whole lotta storyless violence.

Get Out fell to second with $26.1 million for the weekend, but considering it was made for less than $5 million and has already grossed more than $75 million, I’d say it’s doing quite well. The studio also pushed it to more theaters this weekend, so they must agree with me.

Moonlight isn’t competing in the same league as those two wide releases, but it drew in some great audiences as A24 expanded its distribution. It screened in 1,564 theaters, which is more than double the number of venues last week, and grossed $2.52 million. It also looks like A24 is feeling pretty confident about the film, since it’s playing in a few hundred more theaters than the two previous Best Picture winners, Spotlight and Birdman, did after their wins. It’s also averaging more money per theater than they did.

(Via Collider and Deadline; image via 20th Century Fox)

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