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The Lix 3D Pen Is a Small Stylish Way to Draw in Three Dimensions

What would you draw in 3D?


People really want to draw in three dimensions. We’ve already seen 3D pens like the 3Doodler crush their Kickstarter goals, but new-pen-on-the-block Lix hopes to bring something new — compact design. Not unlike the 3Doodler, they’ve blown way past their crowdfunding goal with weeks left to go.

In their above video, Lix creators Ismail Baran, Anton Suvorov, and Delphine Eloïse Wood say that the problem with other 3D pens is they’re too bulky and, frankly, unattractive. The Lix hopes to change that with a small, beautiful aluminum body that looks to be just a little larger than most traditional pens.

Like other 3D pens and several models of 3D printers, Lix works be heating a plastic filament that cools quickly after leaving the tip. This allows the user to draw in three dimensional space to create structures rather than images.

If there’s any question in your mind about whether the world needs another 3D pen, or just one that’s more pleasant to look at, the market has spoken. The team’s nearly at 600% of their £30,000 (about $55,600) crowdfunding goal with 28 days to go. Backers can currently grab the pen as a reward for kicking in about $135. They offered 100 of them for the first backers to come in at $70, but they’ve all gone rather quickly.

(Lix on Kickstarter via Laughing Squid)

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