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Like Stealing a Tardis From A Teenager

For great justice

I’m just trying to imagine walking down the street one night and witnessing a few of the local hooligans trying to sneak a 300 pound giant time machine away while trying to attract as little attention as possible. Supposedly that’s what happened in Oklahoma one night not long ago when someone stole the bus shelter modeled after the Tardis from Doctor Who from the yard of Kaitlyn Iadevaia and her family. Iadevaia and her father had spent three months working on the six-foot-tall model, and now puzzle over its disappearance, saying that the structure only has sentimental value, and that the thief must have “big gonads. I’ll tell you that much. It’s like going up and taking someone’s barbecue grill, or someone’s wishing well they have in the yard, or someone’s doghouse. You just don’t do that.”

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All I can say is, if I’d spent three months building myself a time machine, and it suddenly went missing from my yard, those thieves best beware. Fangirl wrath can be quite a sight to behold.

(KFOR via Digital Spy)

(Photo via PaxHolley)

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