Pedro Pascal on Hot Ones eating spicy wings

Let Pedro Pascal Eating Hot Wings Soothe You

I too was raised on HBO, Spielberg, and Prince.

Pedro Pascal is incredibly relatable. He’s someone who isn’t afraid to “fanboy” out about things he loves and he’s genuinely just a gentle soul who is happy to do what he’s doing. His love of movies and his genuine happiness to talk about his work and what has inspired him is addicting to watch. (I feel so strongly about this that I even created an entire podcast dedicated to Pascal’s work. The man is a treasure.)

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That excitement was on full display in Pascal’s foray into the internet sensation Hot Ones. The show, hosted by Sean Evans, has your favorite stars eating increasingly spicier wings and answering hard-hitting questions in the process. It is always a joy to see when they break in the journey. Can they make it to the end without breaking a sweat or will Da Bomb Beyond Insanity take them out?

What was so special about Pascal’s episode was how open he was to answering questions about his past and his work. Even if he does maybe ruin movies for his family all the time.

As someone who has tried Da Bomb, this was the most relatable reaction to that hot sauce. It truly and honestly is the worst because you think you’re fine and then it comes back at you in the worst way possible. When you think you’re free, you’re not.

So Pascal losing it over Da Bomb? Honestly, it’s what would happen if you were eating wings on your own in the first place. The interview as a whole was great because it’s always fun to see an actor who is willing to “fanboy” out.

Pedro Pascal’s love of movies

What I have always connected to personally with Pascal is the way he talks about the movies he watched growing up. As someone with older siblings, I was constantly watching movies I probably shouldn’t have but they helped shape me into the movie lover that I am today. And Pascal was very open about his own love of cinema as a whole—from Nicolas Cage to Steven Spielberg to HBO.

This was one of my favorite Hot Ones to date. Mainly because the way Pascal ended it rivals my other favorite Hot Ones interview: Lizzie Olsen who just promoted hanging out in New York at the end. But also because he was so open and honest and it was incredible to see.

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