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I Sincerely Hope Elden Ring’s ‘Let Me Solo Her’ Is Around if I Ever Reach Malenia

Thank you, my dear tarnished.

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a video game where you’re expected to get good or die trying—and trust me, you will die, a lot. However, the game does have an element of teamwork that allows players to call in others to help them in difficult boss battles. One player in particular who goes by the name “Let Me Solo Her” (or LMSH) has become infamous in the community, not just because he’s willing to help fight such a challenging boss, but because he does the fight alone while the person who summoned him gets to reap the benefits.

Who is Malenia?

“Malenia, Blade of Miquella” is an optional boss in Elden Ring. According to IGN, she is, quite possibly, the hardest boss in the game AND the most difficult boss in ANY of these SoulsBorne games that FromSoftware’s thrown at us. “What truly sets her apart is her unique lifesteal mechanic that gives her health back on every hit, even when you block. This means you can’t just hide behind your shield and wait for an opening, or else she will steal back every bit of damage you deal.”


On top of being excruciatingly difficult, she has a second form. “Malenia, Goddess of Rot” is faster, more aggressive, and casts dangerous status effects like Scarlet Rot – which does damage to your health over time. She also has new attacks, like the one where she sends doppelgangers after you, because why face one Malenia when you can face several???

Since this is an optional battle, you get to decide whether or not you think it’s worth the effort. “Your reward for beating Malenia is the Remembrance of the Rot Goddess (which lets you craft her incredible sword), Malenia’s Great Rune, and the satisfaction that you have overcome FromSoft’s most devilish challenge yet. Congratulations!” Thanks, IGN. I’m still not sure if I’ll ever be up for the challenge, but I suppose I might not have to be if LMSH is still around by the time I get there.

Who is this mystery man with two swords and a pot?

LMSH is an Elden Ring player who’s been a fan of these kinds of FromSoftware games since Dark Souls 3. Armed with two katanas, underwear, and a pot covering his head, he’s taken it upon himself to help players who need an assist when facing Malenia.

According to IGN, LMSH picked the Samurai Class for his adventure and is currently in the middle of a New Game+ run. When he drops his summoning ring outside of the door leading to Malenia’s boss battle, players can call on him for help. If he answers, then you’re pretty much guaranteed to score a victory. What normally happens when summoning in other players is everyone goes in as a team, but there’s always a danger of someone, or everyone, being killed by the boss. If the person who summoned everyone dies, for example, the entire team is kicked out of the match.

In the case of LMSH, his name tells you exactly what you need to know: Let him fight Malenia alone. It sounds impossible, but he’s mastered the battle to the point of being able to take out BOTH of Malenia’s forms out without getting hit! All you have to do is stand back and watch. You can help in the fight if you want to (LMSH cleared that up when speaking with IGN’s Rebekah Valentine), but it’s honestly pretty mesmerizing to watch him do his thing alone.

How much work did it take to be able to best Malenia in less than ten minutes? LMSH told Valentine that it took him 242 attempts to beat her the first time—and he needed two summoned players to do it. He’s got about 200 hours into the game, is at level 179, and has beaten Malenia somewhere between 3 to 400 times. “I chose Malenia to help others because I fell in love with her design,” LMSH says. “All her attacks are very graceful and she is unforgiving as a boss. Her infamous waterfowl dance is considered to be the [hardest] to dodge moveset from a FromSoft boss to date, so I decided to prove to others that it was not impossible.”

Not every match has ended perfectly, but that’s still an impressive feat – especially for an optional boss that you don’t have to go and face alone for the sake of others. “Sometimes the lag between the host and myself is too much so I get killed instantly sometimes, or miss the crucial dodge timing on Malenia’s waterfowl dance,” he says. “I would like to express my apology to those I have failed.” You don’t have to apologize, friend. I think the community’s outpouring of love, fanart, and this amazing 3D-printed figure illustrates how much your efforts are appreciated.

I never thought I’d use the world wholesome with this game, but this is a surprisingly wholesome story for a game that’s known for cruelly killing you in as many ways possible. Of course, you still have to be able to survive long enough to REACH Malenia, but if you can do that, LMSH will be there to help you out—naked. “It is a running tradition of Soulsborne games that the naked players are the most powerful beings in the game,” said LMSH when asked about his chosen attire. “Why wear armor if you don’t plan on getting hit at all? And the pot is a good luck charm from the character Iron Fist Alexander whom I admire.”

IGN goes on to say that you can find LMSH’s summon sign outside Malenia’s door on PC, usually between 3:00 PM and 10:00 PM CST.

(Image: FromSoftware)

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