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A Guy Builds a Hoverboard out of Leaf Blowers, Proves You Don’t Need Fancy Magnets and Science

Leaf blowers. How do they work?

Easily the most “2015 is almost here, and we don’t want to disappoint Marty McFly!” hoverboard solution yet, four leaf blowers, some tape, and a piece of wood still works almost as well as other, more scientific attempts.

As you can see, like the other real hoverboard that works using magnets and special metal surfaces, it’s less like riding a floating skateboard and more like being set helplessly adrift in outer space. Unlike the other real hoverboard, this one uses a shower curtain liner and lawn tools, and the video features children being pushed comically helplessly around instead of Tony Hawk. So overall, I’d say it’s a big win.

But this one is also a lot less expensive than Hendo’s model, and you can build it yourself out of household materials. Well, the materials of several households unless you have a weird obsession with leaf blowers.

Go ahead. Make Marty McFly proud as we move into the future next year.

(via Tech Crunch)

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