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Latest Trailer for Man of Steel Is the Snyderiest One Yet

Faster than a speeding bullet!

I’m never going to be in the running for the biggest Zach Snyder fan in the world, but if there’s one thing the guy knows how to do is combine images and music to form compelling, aesthetically beautiful, riveting sequences. I mean that in the best way possible: movies are nothing if not sound and moving images, so he’s working from a pretty good foundation. Where I’ve found that he tends to break down is in his ability to tell A) a nuanced story with B) a clear message, hopefully the one he intended to say. And also this means that the trailers for his movies are fantastic. If the touch of the experienced Nolan storytelling machine that’s writing and producing here manages to overcome Snyder’s limitations in story, Man of Steel will be something to remember. Too bad there’s no way to tell based on these, yeah, riveting trailers.

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