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Here's a Tub of Terrified Sea Lampreys [Video]

I have often considered myself to be a lover of animals, but there are some creatures on this Earth that, frankly, I could do without. Leeches, bedbugs, mosquitos, intestinal parasites, all of these just seem unnecessary. Not least of these is, of course, the sea lamprey. While it’s true evolution has seen fit to make lamprey’s singularly adapted to their lifestyle, that doesn’t make them any less creepy.

With that in mind, hearing that Michigan State University has developed an effective lamprey repellent is satisfying. Especially given how much damage this invasive species has done to the Great Lakes. Seeing an entire tub of writhing, terrified lampreys is, however, just gross. So I posted it for you. You’re welcome.

Oh, and don’t worry: There’s an underwater view as well.

(via BoingBoing)

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