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I Am Excited About the News of New Kingsman Movies, Actually

Taron Egerton in Kingsman- The Golden Circle (2017)

So I’m excited about the future of the Kingsman movies? I should note that I owe my job here at The Mary Sue to 2017’s Kingsman: The Golden Circle because that’s how I met our Kaila Hale-Stern, but after rewatching the films, my love of them still holds true.

Before we begin, I recognize what needs to be fixed in these films. There is sexism that bleeds through onscreen, which I believe is a commentary on the films’ genre as a whole, but they rarely actually do anything with it. In the future, I’d love if that was either expanded on or actually torn down, because it is one of the main arguments against the franchise. They had Roxy (Sophie Cookson) but killed her off in the beginning of Golden Circle.

But while I think these movies can (and should) do the work in appealing to the female fanbase (and stopping the trend of sexism in these spy action movies), I can’t help but love the stories that the Kingsman movies tell. Starting with The Secret Service, we’re thrown into Eggsy Unwin’s (Taron Egerton) story and his journey from being a lost kid into being one of the only surviving members of the Kingsman.

But Eggsy isn’t even the most interesting character anymore. While Harry Hart (Colin Firth) is there to continue to help Eggsy on his journey to being the best agent, Kingsman: The Golden Circle introduced the Statesman, and an entirely new aspect of this world was thrown into the ring.

So why am I bringing all this up? Since Disney has acquired the rights to the Kingsman franchise, there is a 7-movie plan coming to the universe, and honestly, I’m excited about it. Yes, I hope they cut the anal jokes and putting a tracker in someone’s vagina. Those things are … unnecessary. But that doesn’t mean I hate these movies. In fact, I love to walk around quoting “Manners Maketh Man” at absolutely everyone because I think they’re incredibly fun, and with what Golden Circle set up with Halle Berry as Whiskey, I think the series can start to shift away from those easy-to-fall-into jokes and include some badass female characters in the next film.

After rewatching Golden Circle, I do hope that one of these movies focuses on the Statesman, because I think that they’re a fascinating group to explore. While the Kingsman hit the James Bond feel we know and love, the Statesman grab my attention with the Indiana Jones-esque tactics they use. Is this just because Pedro Pascal’s Whiskey uses a whip? Maybe.

whiskey using a whip in kingsman golden circle

Whatever ends up happening, I’m actually really excited about it. I, unintentionally, owe a lot to the Kingsman franchise, and after rewatching the movies, I’m proud that I get to work here all because I love watching a bunch of dudes saying “manners maketh man” and using whips.

(image: 20th Century Fox)

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