Adorable Sisters Launch Lego R2-D2 and a Picture of Their Cat to the Edge of Space

Loki the cat, to be exact.

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Over Labor Day weekend, sisters Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung (10 and 8 years old, respectively), successfully sent the “Loki Lego Launcher,” a spacecraft made of wood, broken arrow shafts, and a weather balloon, to the edge of space.

Named after their cat (Loki) and a Lego R2-D2 attached to the craft, the Loki Lego Launcher reached heights of 78,000 feet (about twice as high as commercial aircraft usually travel, notes GeekWire) at which point the balloon popped, sending the Launcher back to earth.

The sisters were able to successfully retrieve Loki and R2-D2 from where the ship landed in a cowfield; according to Rebecca, “We were very lucky because our spacecraft landed right by a huge pile of cow poop, but it didn’t land in it.”

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