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Josh Hutcherson: The Next Spider-Man?

The Latino Review is reporting with some degree of firmness that Josh Hutcherson has been chosen to play Spider-Man in the 2012 franchise reboot. Earlier, a blog called Blue Sky Disney reported that “After several extensive test shoots were performed, Marc Webb and the top Sony $uits decided that Hutcherson was the right fit for the role and an offer was made and has been accepted.”

This in turn prompted a bigger fish, The Latino Review’s George Roush, to write that he had known that the 18-year-old Hutcherson would be the next Spider-Man for “some time now.”


I’ve known Josh was the main guy for a while, but couldn’t report it. Glad Hunter got the scoop on this. I think Josh is a great choice to play Peter Parker. The kid has the look and is the right age. Plus I’ve seen his test shoots and they were pretty f-ing awesome. He’s scheduled to do the Journey to the Center of the Earth sequel in the fall, but should be able to do both films.

Honor is usually spot on when he has a scoop, and from the news I had heard a while ago, Josh Hutcherson is 99.9% your new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

To add one more layer, Philadelphia-based film writer Larry Richman recently tweeted that “Sources saying Josh Hutcherson will be the new Spider-Man. Can’t confirm yet.”

Earlier, Hutcherson confirmed that he had auditioned for the role, but he was tight-lipped about his chances: He told New York that “when I found out it was being made, obviously I was going to do everything I could to be cast and be a part of it. But so many people are showing up for the role there’s just no way to tell.” For now, we’ll leave a question mark at the end of that headline, but this could be it.

(Blue Sky Disney via Latino Review)

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