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Things We Saw Today: Jordan Peele’s Creepy Twilight Zone Trailer Is Here, Hold Me


The first trailer for the rebooted—sorry, that’s reimagined—take on The Twilight Zone is here from producer/narrator Jordan Peele and … please keep the lights on for me, thanks.

My anticipation was upped considerably after that intriguing Super Bowl tease, and the first trailer didn’t disappoint. As we race through a series of images and scenes from upcoming episodes, the show looks to be shaping up to be fully spooky and unsettling. Will this Twilight Zone be too scary for the truly horror-averse? Time will tell, but for now, as a fan of the original show, I’m here for Peele’s Zone.

Which throwback easter eggs did you spot? I’m sure I missed a ton, but this, THIS:

And the devil’s head from the diner fortune telling machine in “Nick of Time”!! You guys!!

Twilight Zone devil's head seer

Same, same, same, same:

Did you get a look at that all-star cast? Our eagle-eyed star-spotter Rachel Leishman scoped the likes of Sanaa Lathan, John Cho, Kumail Nanjiani, Steven Yeun, Adam Scott, Greg Kinnear, Tracy Morgan, Jacob Tremblay, and of course, the man of the hour, Jordan Peele. It seems like half of Hollywood was anxious to be a part of Peele’s strange new vision and we can’t blame them.

I have so many questions! If we know we’ll be getting “reimaginings” of classic episodes like “Nightmare at 20,000” and maybe “Nick of Time,” does that mean we’re going to see reworks of all the big hits—”Eye of the Beholder,” “To Serve Man,” “The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street,” “Time Enough at Last,” et al, or are we just going to see elements of the old world occasionally mixed in with the new?

I’m sure there are a lot more surprises coming both cast-wise and in the plot twists and turns that we can’t even begin to guess at. Now if only we could solve the most perplexing dilemma of all.

(image: CBS All-Access)

  • If you spent an hour+ yelling at Abducted in Plain Sight like we did, deleted scenes apparently provided some additional context. (via Pajiba)
  • Films with nonwhite leads had the best return on investment. Start taking notes, Hollywood. (via The Wrap)
  • You can’t make me click on “What Chris Hemsworth Would Look Like as Hulk Hogan,” but, uh, it’s here if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. (via Screenrant)

What did you see out there in the wide world today?

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