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Things We Saw Today: Did John Mulaney Ever Really Write for Saturday Night Live?

Megh Wright is onto something.

john mulaney doing stand up

Splitsider comedy editor Megh Wright wrote a tongue-in-cheek post about how SNL should snap up comedian John Mulaney—to “hire this John Mulaney kid.,” based on a promotional skit for Mulaney’s hosting gig this weekend where he “auditions” for the show.

Then someone on Splitsider’s Facebook tried to tell her that John Mulaney had, in fact, already written for Saturday Night Live, because they apparently don’t understand how comedy works. Wright brought this information to Twitter, furthering the joke: how could she, as a professional comedy journalist, possibly be aware of the actual facts?

I mean, when could Mulaney have even joined the writing staff of the show? Can he write comedy? Does Google exist? It just doesn’t make any sense!

The jury is still out, apparently.

In actuality, the bit is funny but drives home the fact that the internet cannot separate a joke from the truth, especially if it is a woman making it. Megh Wright is a comedy editor for Splitsider, meaning … she’s extremely aware of who John Mulaney is and what he has done but people still feel the need to let her know she’s “wrong” in her joke. Many, many times. And so she kept running with it from there.

What do we, as women, need to do to prove we have knowledge of something? Should we tattoo it on us—on wait, I did that and people still quiz me about my favorite nerdy topics as if I don’t have a tattoo about said nerdy thing.

Megh, you’re a champion. Keep on investigating the so-called narrative. Who is John Mulaney anyway?

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Anything you saw out there you want to share?

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