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Morning Joe: “Mitt Romney Totally Didn’t See The Hunger Games

I'll Allow It

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that over the weekend, he took his grandchildren to see The Hunger Games (so, that’s how it made all that money!), and he gave it a positive review! And he said he read the books! But he also said that it was a really violent story, and that the PG-13 rating was an appropriate one … Except that Romney’s grandchildren don’t really look like they’re over the age of 13. And this is what is leading MNSBC‘s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough to call shenanigans on Romney’s so-called contribution to the movie’s monster box office. Is Mitt Romney just trying to — gasp! — pander to what has proven to be a very big audience? What? Really? A presidential candidate? Pandering? My stars and garters!

First off, Romney assured CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer that his grandchildren are “right around” the appropriate age to see a movie about teenagers murdering each other for a reality show. So, fine. He’s there, his son Matt Romney (the kids’ father) was there, they were accompanied by adults. So that’s settled.

However, Joe Scarborough still doesn’t believe that Mitt Romney has seen or read The Hunger Games. He thinks he is merely pretending to like a thing that a lot of other people like. You know, to win the middle-school vote. Because I don’t know about you guys, but if there was a presidential candidate who said he liked the same book I liked, I would totally vote for him, even if he wants to do things that I think might be harmful to the country.

Says Scarborough on the blatant act of pandermonium:

“He did not read the books,” Scarborough insisted. “We know he is not telling the truth. I don’t know if he went to see the movie. Because he always, you know. ‘Do you go hunting?’ ‘Yes, I shoot varmints.’ ‘I like talkies.’ They are not called talkies anymore, Mitt! Come on.”

While Scarborough is poo-pooing Romney’s apparent love for The Hunger Games, I’m actually not so quick to write off his love of Twilight. It was, after all, about what I like to call “vampures” and was written by a Mormon. So I actually think that Mitt Romney totally picked up Twilight and read at least some of it.

Here is the clip:

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