Jennifer Lawrence Saves A Woman On Her Lawn, Totally Lives Up To Being Katniss

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor
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Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence totally lived up to the badassery of her character Katniss recently when she helped rescue a young woman who collapsed outside of her apartment. Maybe she picked up some survival skills when training for the movie after all.

Jennifer Lawrence was walking her dog outside of her Santa Monica apartment when a teenage girl collapsed on her front lawn. She immediately rushed to her aid, calling 911 and staying right by her side until the paramedics came.

According to a photographer on the scene “when the EMT arrived, she stayed to make sure everything was okay. She was really scared for the girl.” Bystanders also stopped to assist her, and reportedly no one distracted by Lawrence’s celebrity status; all attention was focused on the young woman in need. The unconscious teen was treated on the scene and taken home by her friend. Unfortunately, there have been no reports of aid in for form of gifts parachuting in to assist Lawrence and the teen.

It’s definitely nice to see Lawrence embody the good-natured, concerned Katniss that Hunger Games fans know and love, even when she’s out of the arena and in her natural habitat. Do you think she knows how to wield a bow too?

(via Digital Spy.)

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