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iZombie Recap: “The Whopper”


Is anyone else hungry right now? Because this week’s episode is called “The Whopper” and suddenly (strangely!) all I can think about is Burger King. And I don’t even like Burger King, you guys!

Lucky for us, Burger King is not the subject of “The Whopper” at all (although there is a brains burger!). In fact, there’s a lot more, meatier, material at hand. We’re talking Liv on compulsive liar brains (!), Major in a coffin (!!) and a whole bunch of other major plot developments that I won’t spoil here, but will definitely get to below!


  • The Emo Kylo Ren jokes are never going to get old, and that includes when they’re loosely alluded to in this opener of this episode via a podcast Ravi’s listening to.

iZombie - Blaine Rocks

  • Can we just talk about this Blaine moment for a hot second? Would you watch a spinoff called Blaine Rocks that’s essentially Vinyl, but with Blaine jamming out during his off-hours a.k.a. 100 times more interesting? (Sorry, guys. Just didn’t get Vinyl? Too many white guys snorting white stuff for me.)
  • How much good Major/Blaine stuff do we get this episode? And how much good Blaine stuff in general? They’re trying to make us root for him again after Peyton, aren’t they? It’s working?
  • Glad Major’s storyline finally got serious this episode. He’s been heading for trouble for a long while and it’s about time we saw an actual impact, even if it was short-lived.

iZombie - Major Danger

  • “Someone’s gotta make an obligatory popsicle joke.” -Blaine, tickling all our punny bones simultaneously
  • “What’s that Missy Elliot song? ‘Cerebellum, Don’t Fail Me Now?'”
  • Now that I’ve got all my fave jokes out of the way, let’s get serious about the best moment of the episode: the ending set to “One Day More” from Les Misérables. Whether you like the musical or the song, it’s a perfect compliment to the over-the-top finale, especially Blaine’s genius revenge plot to get back at his terrible father.

iZombie - Papa

  • On the topic of the ending, how great is that freeze frame? What a happy moment before we all realize that Ravi needs to get on reworking the cure before Blaine and Major go the way of New Hope!
  • CLIVE IS FINALLY CATCHING ON! Thank you, Rob Thomas (he wrote this ep!), for finally wising our man up!


iZombie - Pasta This

  • Not gonna lie (ha ha!), but I don’t really care for Liv’s change in persona this week. Because I feel like, aside from some outrageous fibs (Jamaica Me Thirsty!), she doesn’t change that much? Perhaps this is supposed to be a commentary on Liv’s mainly truthful/good-hearted personality, but technically she’s lying to a fair amount of people all the time by pretending not to be a zombie, right? Anyway, it’s rare for me to say Liv isn’t great, but she’s a weak point here, perhaps due to the writers focusing on Blaine more.
  • Was anyone else sorta confused by this episode? Like there was a lot happening, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up, especially with allegiances changing all the time. (Speaking of, is Drake a good or bad guy? Will we ever really know? Do I care at this point?)
  • “I know where Liv … lives.” You’re better than that, Blaine. (Says the girl who makes “Liv-ing for … ” jokes on a weekly basis.)
  • They are hitting us hard with dog storylines these days, huh? I wish Bonnie and Clyde the best on their legal battles.
  • No Peyton. No Gilda/Rita. : (

iPhone - Final Verdict

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Canadians can catch it on Shomi.

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