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‘The Mandalorian’ Season 3 Is Drawing Ever Closer to the Sequel Trilogy

Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) kneels in the snow alongside Grogu in an image from 'The Mandalorian.'

The Mandalorian has brought many new fans to the world of Star Wars. If you didn’t care about the franchise before, the big eyes and green ears of Baby Yoda might have brought you into the show but you might not know where in the franchise as a whole the series is set. And we’re here to help!

Starring Pedro Pascal as the titular Mandalorian, the series focuses on characters loosely connected to the larger plot of Star Wars. For some characters, it’s important to understand the timeline in order to figure out where in their arc we are. Like Ahsoka (who showed up in season 2) or Boba Fett. But otherwise, the show is just about Din Djarin trying to keep Grogu safe in the first season and Din trying to find the Jedi for Grogu in season 2.

Now, season 3 is going to be a different ball game entirely. Mainly because it is the first season that is about Din’s journey and what he needs. He’s on a quest to find Mandalore and redeem himself in the eyes of his clan since taking his helmet off. To be fair, no one took Din’s helmet off for him. He did it himself so that he could protect Grogu. The first time we saw his face was when IG-11 (a droid) was doing so to save his life. Still, Din seems to want to be part of his clan so that’s where season 3 is going to take us.

Is The Mandalorian before or after Star Wars?

The series takes place a few years after the events of Return of the Jedi. That means quite a few years before The Force Awakens but while the galaxy is still rebuilding from the rule of the Empire. There’s still some work to be done with the Storm Troopers and ensuring that those who honor the Empire are gone, like Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito).

And the series does tie into arcs from iconic legacy characters, as with Luke Skywalker showing up and recruiting Grogu (briefly) before he went back to Din. We do know (thanks to the sequels) that Luke rebuilt the Jedi Temple and that’s how he began to train Kylo Ren.

We still have some time between the original trilogy and the sequel trilogy (where the show lives). So we could see it eventually connect the two even further. For now, it’s not long after Luke brought Anakin to the light and defeated Palpatine.

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