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Is Hulu Actually Removing ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ This Time Around?

Malcolm in the Middle is reportedly leaving Hulu by the end of the month. However, the streamer has previously raised false alarms about the sitcom’s removal, making some skeptical about whether the show is really departing.

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Malcolm in the Middle originally ran from 2000–2006 on Fox. The series follows Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), a young boy navigating life as a child prodigy alongside his dysfunctional family. It received critical acclaim for its humor, award-winning performances, and unique spin on a coming-of-age story. As a result, it has enjoyed an enduring legacy as one of the most influential sitcoms of the early 2000s. Given that only the first season of the show was released on DVD due to copyright issues with its music, modern viewers had to rely on reruns until streaming came along. Malcolm in the Middle had a home on Netflix for a few years before leaving in 2017 for Hulu.

The show has spent seven years on Hulu, although the streamer falsely announced its departure at least once. In June 2022, it was announced that Malcolm in the Middle would leave the platform by July 1, 2022. However, viewers quickly noticed they continued to have access to the series weeks after it was supposed to be removed. An official explanation for the incident wasn’t provided, but some speculated it had something to do with Disney+. When Disney+ launched in 2019, it was supposed to include Malcolm in the Middle, but the show stayed on Hulu. In 2022, rumors arose that the show would finally be transferred to Disney+, but again, it stayed on Hulu. Speculation arose that the transfer from Hulu to Disney+ simply fell through a second time.

Hulu claims to be removing Malcolm in the Middle again

Hulu has announced that Malcolm in the Middle is leaving its platform again. The show is among several shows slated to leave the platform on July 1. On the app, users have confirmed that Malcolm in the Middle is listed as expiring in 13 days. However, Reddit commenters claimed that Hulu planned to remove the show in 2022 and 2023 without ever taking action.

As a result, many are skeptical about whether the streamer will actually remove the show or not. If Malcolm in the Middle is removed from Hulu, it’s unclear where it will go next. It could possibly go to Disney+, given it is already on the streamer in the UK and reportedly had plans to migrate there in the U.S., too. Of course, given the complicated streaming history of Malcolm in the Middle, it’s difficult to tell whether Hulu will go through with the removal this time around. Ultimately, viewers will likely have to wait until July to discover whether or not the show leaves the streamer.

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