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Joseph Quinn Has a Feeling That We’ll See Eddie Munson Again!

Eddie Munson became an instant favorite for fans of Stranger Things. Played by Joseph Quinn, our sweet boy was struggling to find who he was and he ended up being a hero. But it looked like we had to say goodbye to our favorite rockstar. Or maybe not.

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Quinn, who recently starred in A Quiet Place: Day One, found a lot of love for his take on Eddie, and it hurt to think that we wouldn’t see him again. Plenty of us had theories about what could happen to bring him back to Hawkins. I am team “Eddie is a vampire,” but whatever brings him back to me.

While there hasn’t been a lot of news on the Eddie Munson front, it seems as if Quinn himself is hinting at a world where he’s back in action. While at the premiere for A Quiet Place: Day One, Rachel Smith from Entertainment Tonight was talking to Quinn about his work and asked if he was going to see the cast of Stranger Things again. He said yes, he loves those guys, but he also gave us a bit more to unpack.

“I have a feeling that we might see Eddie once again,” Smith said to Quinn, who responded by saying, “Do you? Do you have a feeling?”

What was shocking is that Quinn took it a step further and said, “I might have that feeling, too. Or maybe I don’t. Who knows?”

Don’t you dare tease me, Joseph! All I wanted was Eddie back as a vampire. If I get this dream in season 5 of Stranger Things

Vampire Eddie Munson is what we deserve!

Joe Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things

I love that this show gives us characters that we can relate to and then gives them heroic ends. Eddie was a character who didn’t really achieve much in his life, so when given the chance to be a hero, he stepped up, played “Master of Puppets,” and took on the Upside Down all on his own (with Dustin to help).

There are some theories about Eddie’s survival that were born out of fans just really wanting him to return to the series, but that just shows how much we loved this character. He literally was only in one season and it was enough for fans to cling to him. Do you not remember how many Hellfire Club shirts were out and about?

I do want to say: If Eddie does come back, I hope that it’s an epic return. I don’t want him back just because fans wanted him back on the show. Eddie deserves a return that really means something, given how he sacrificed himself to try and save his friends. So while I am very excited about this potential, I do hope they give Eddie a badass return.

What we know now is that Joseph Quinn is teasing us a bit, but I have to trust that he has our best interests at heart. Sir, please. I need to see you as Eddie Munson again.

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