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Read What Marvel’s Film Consultant Has to Say About Those Iron Man 3/Guardians of the Galaxy Rumors

It Came From Outer Space

A few days back the Internet got all a’twitter over a quote from Robert Downey Jr. that possibly adds credence to an Iron Man 3 rumor that started floating (or, well, flying) around shortly before. Check out our original piece for a full run-down (yes, there are unmarked spoilers, so consider yourself warned) on the theory, which seems rather interesting if I do say so myself.

And apparently Brian Michael Bendis, a writer for the Guardians comics in addition to being a Marvel film consultant, thinks it’s interesting too, at least judging by his response to the rumors.

(I’m going to assume that everyone who clicks the jump already knows the potential spoilers, so nothing will be hidden. Makes sense, no?)

Asked whether Tony Stark might end up in outer space with the Guardians in Iron Man 3, Bendis responded somewhat cryptically:

“Tony standing back and wondering what the Earth needs from him… what he can do for the Earth, for the galaxy… and then taking that back into his next Avengers adventure is a good story worth telling with Tony Stark.”

Sooooo… maybe?

That Bendis likes how the Guardians could tie into Tony Stark’s storyline doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the direction Marvel is going. But, as a film consultant for Marvel whose special area of interest is Guardians, it seems possible that he’s teasing us with what he knows is going to happen in the movies.

Or maybe a Stark/Guardians tête-à-tête isn’t happening in Iron Man 3 and he’s just trolling us by suggesting otherwise while stroking his Evil Villain Goatee (TM) and adjusting his monocle.

Who knows?

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