Adobe Flash Compatibility Finally Coming to iPhone, iPad

For a long while, iOS devices and Adobe Flash were like oil and water. Now, those days are over. Adobe has just revealed Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 which will allow you to access Flash content on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. While Apple has never been a fan of Flash, preferring to back competing HTML5 technology, Flash is now coming to their devices whether they want it to or not.

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Flash Media Server will allow publishers to take their Flash content and create comparable HTTP content that can be viewed on iOS without any adjustment to the devices or the Safari browser. Instead of using the actual device to render the stream, Flash Media Server will do it instead, preventing Flash content from totally devouring your battery life. Flash Media Server is now available for purchase for by publishers for a cool $4,500. Get to it guys, I’ve got several years of back-catalog Flash content I need to consume on my iPod post-haste.

(via BGR)

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