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Verizon iPhone 4 Ad [Video]

The first Verizon iPhone TV spot is out and it cleverly plays off the anticipation that has surrounded the iPhone since it was first introduced as an AT&T exclusive device. While it is satisfying to see the desires of so many people directly played to in an ad, being thanked for our patience is a bit odd since it really boils down to saying, “we’re so happy you waited this long for us to sell you something.”

But let’s just bask in the glory of the Verizon iPhone, rumored for years and oft thought impossible, is finally upon us. We can even look forward to the day when we can chat on our Verizon iPhones while playing Duke Nukem Forever. At the rate the impossible is being overturned, Elvis might even be there to hang out.

As the semi-ominous tagline of the ad says, “it begins.”

(via CNN Money)

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