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FBI Opens Investigation into AT&T iPad Security Breach

While some nitpicked yesterday’s Valleywag story about a massive security breach affecting at least 114,000 iPads on the grounds that the breach was much more AT&T’s fault than Apple’s and that the breach was made by a whitehat group that promptly turned news of their exploits over to AT&T, it was a big scoop that highlighted an alarming lack of precautions taken to protect customer privacy and data. Now, the FBI is getting involved, opening up an investigation into the matter.

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Main Justice reports:

The FBI has opened an investigation to address potential cybersecurity threats after basic information about thousands of Apple iPad users was exposed, a bureau spokeswoman told Main Justice.

But the FBI investigation is broad and not specific to the potential security threat from the use of the device by federal employees. The FBI has not issued a warning to employees regarding their use of the device, the spokeswoman said. The information exposed included e-mail addresses and an ID used to authenticate the subscriber on AT&T’s network, called the ICC-ID, according to Gawker. Most security experts told Gawker there were limited security ramifications to the exposure of the ICC-ID data.




(via Main Justice. h/t Foster Kamer)

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