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Thing Lets You Finally Attach iPad to Your Hand

Man, I’ve always wondered how iPad users get by without being able to physically attach the iPad to their hands. And now, for the not-at-all unreasonable price of $60, they can! Exactly one problem solved!

Of course, you can still do things while your iPad is monopolizing the use of one of your hands. It’s only kind of totally disruptive during everyday tasks, such as eating, drinking, caring for children, using the railing while walking up the stairs (assuming the railing is on the side of your “iPad hand”), putting on/removing clothing, shoe-tying, etc. But why should you get it? It’s patent pending and it spins! And you won’t have to hoooooolllllldddd it. (Those push-ups you were considering to strengthen your easily-tired arms? Fuhgeddaboudit!)

Not recommended while using the HandStand™: Applause, whack-a-mole, high-fiving, fly-swatting, elbow coin-snatching, Velcro catch, maybe none of the everyday activities mentioned previously. Possible other allowable activities: Serving hors d’ouvres, weighing down paper…that might be it.

Soooooo, yeah. Sixty bucks.

(via CrunchGear)

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