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iPad 2 Glasses-Free 3D Uses Front Camera for Head-Tracking [Video]


Similar to what Johnny Chung Lee achieved on the Nintendo Wii, the people over at the Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research Group used the iPad 2’s front-facing camera coupled with some software to track the user’s head in order to have Apple’s device display in glasses-free 3D. Head-Coupled Perspective, as the team calls it, is a “fake” 3D where the screen moves at such angles–based on the tracking of the user’s head–that simulate a 3D environment. The iPad 2 head-tracking is currently a tech demo, though it can be applied to the iPhone 4 as well, as the only necessary requirements for the fake 3D is a front-facing camera and an operating system on which the software is able to run. Check out the technique in the above video, as it comes through clearly and is fairly impressive, even if it has been done on other, Nintendo-related devices.

(via The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

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