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INTERVIEW: David Hornsby Talks Being in Charge in ‘Mythic Quest’

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Apple TV+ is no stranger to great comedies and Mythic Quest fits in perfectly. The first two seasons were about how the team at Mythic Quest was trying to do what is best for the game but, at the end of season 2, Ian (Rob McElhenney) and Poppy (Charlotte Nicdao) leave to make Hera, leaving David (David Hornsby) in charge.

Getting to talk with Hornsby in the lead up for season 3, I jokingly said that seasons 1 and 2 showed us a David who had the illusion of power versus season 3 when David is actually in charge of Mythic Quest. And I wanted to know what that was like to explore in a character he’s been playing since the start of the series. “Well, similarly, to David, I have sort of an illusion of power behind the scenes as well. I’m realizing,” Hornsby joked. “So this is making me reflect.”

He went on to talk about how this season changed for David as a character. “It was fun. It’s another extension of what we’re trying to do this season, which is just keep putting our characters in new situations. So it felt a fun new area to watch a character that we know and have established to put him in a situation where, in a way, he doesn’t have the life preservers that are Ian and Poppy in a way. They keep him afloat. Because he really thrives. Ultimately, he thrives and being the middle man, right? Like that’s a little bit of a special skill. He’s able to ultimately land the plane with them on board. So now they’re not on board and we get to see how he does on his own. And that felt like a fun area to explore and we wanted to come back and see him at least start the season doing well.”

You can see our full interview here:

Mythic Quest has finally returned and season 3 is incredible so far! New episodes air Fridays on Apple TV+.

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