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INTERVIEW: ‘Avenue 5’ Stars Zach Woods and Lenora Crichlow Talk Season 2

The cast of Avenue 5 on the ship

Avenue 5 brings us laughs week after week as we watch the crew and guests of Avenue 5 struggle with the amount of time they’re going to have to spend in space all because of a mishap (and then another mishap and then a third mishap and…you get the picture). Season 1 brought us the crew and passengers being stranded in space for years after Karen jettisoned their trash and excess belongings out the wrong side of the ship.

So heading into season 2, we were going to come to terms with how the ship would react to the news (which we learned in episode one that Captain Ryan hadn’t told anyone yet) and in episode 2, we watched as everyone feared that their fate would be met as the ship was getting closer and closer to the sun. It’s been a fun first couple of episodes and I got to speak with stars Lenora Crichlow (who plays Billie) and Zach Woods (who plays Matt) in preparation for the season 2 release.

Woods is known to many comedy fans for his work in things like The Office and Silicon Valley and he brings that hilarity to Avenue 5 with his character Matt. When I asked them both about getting to play with the season 1 cliff-hanger in season 2, Woods talked first about Matt’s newfound anger. “I like to play with Matt’s emerging fury. I think it’s fun that he gets angry,” Woods said with a smile on his face that Crichlow pointed out.

“I’ve enjoyed watching Matt get angry,” Crichlow said. “I’ve enjoyed playing alongside Hugh (Laurie), I think Billie at the end of season 1 realizes that she’s stuck with Captain Ryan and she’s going to have to form an ally and they’re going to have to work together. So just having that partnership develop in season 2 has been a lot of fun.”

You can see our full conversation here:

Avenue 5 is currently airing on HBO and it is an easy and fun watch and a must-see!

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