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Inside Out: Outside Edition Shows Us Riley’s Emotions From the Outside

Pixar movies are amazing, because they not only appeal to children, but they are also intelligent and emotional enough to appeal to adults. Inside Out: Outside Edition illustrates this, as it allows us to see Riley’s journey through the film with nothing but the emotions floating across her face to guide us. Check it out above.

This edit by Jordan Hanzon is pretty brilliant, editing together all of the “outside” portions of the film into a coherent, 15-minute narrative that works really well on its own. Watching it, I found myself not really missing the emotions and their adorable zaniness. That’s how good the folks at Pixar are at telling stories. Props to RickRoy37 for giving Hanzon the idea. It’s kinda one of the best female-centric films I’ve seen in a long time.

What do you think? Does Inside Out: Outside Edition stand up on its own?

(via Uproxx; Image via screengrab)

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