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Reset Your Countdown Clocks—Infinity War is Coming Out A Week Early

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So yeah, Marvel decided to announce via Twitter that they were going to be pushing the release date for Avengers: Infinity War up from May to April. Which, great, happy later birthday gift to me, but what does that actually mean in terms of why?

Could it be that seeing how big the numbers have been for Black Panther, Marvel wants to cash in on the goodwill that they have been building up for damn near a decade?

Or, do they look at the critical reception for Black Panther and want to just put out their cotton candy battle bots superhero flick as quickly as possible? Let’s be real—there is no way Thanos is going to be anywhere near as good of a villain as Killmonger. He’s a CGI purple monster, who has been hyped up as an evil force for seven years who is going to be defeated in some giant magic of friendship moment. And that’s fine, but seeing as how most of Marvel movies have villain problems, I’m not holding my breath.

Still, I am excited and so are the fans!

Getting through Thanos is a means to an end to allow the next phase of Marvel to exist cleanly. New cast, new baddies, and a new creative direction.

However, this wasn’t the only news coming out from Disney. The Live-Action Mulan movie has been pushed back until 2020 and several more Marvel movies have been added the slate for the coming years.

I can’t say I’m happy about this Mulan snubbing, and I am nervous about these non-Black Panther/Captain Marvel Marvel films that are coming out, but you know what? I’m on this crazy train for the ride.

While I may not enjoy every MCU flick, most of them are good and some of them are great and two of them are my babies. I am all in for this universe and if it offers me an interesting premise with good directors/writers behind it, then I’m along for the ride. The cynic in me says that there is no way Infinity War will be “great” but I think it will be loads of fun. Like those episodes where the Power Rangers from the previous season crossover with the current Power Rangers. Those episodes were always fun.

If at the very least we get to see M’Baku, Thor, and Hulk buddying up and Tony Stark being in constant awe about much smarter Shuri is than him, then I’ll be happy.

So the question is are you excited for Infinity War and do you think it’s gonna be good? Or at the very least okay?

(image: Marvel Studios)

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