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Infinite Source of Energy, via Troll Science in Real Life [Video]

Though Troll Science has died down a bit since its relatively recent heyday, it continues to amuse, especially when people translate it from rage comics to real life. In the above video, we see a staple of Troll Science: Producing infinite energy by plugging a power strip into itself, rather than a wall. The demonstrator “tests” the power source by plugging lights into the outlets and seeing if they’ll turn on. They do, of course, but that’s part of the fun. Can you guess the trickery used in the video?

In separate parts of the video, vital pieces of the power strip are offscreen. In one part, the wire is offscreen but rolled up to look like it isn’t plugged into anything, and in the latter part of the video, an outlet is offscreen. Troll Science is fun. but don’t try it at home. Don’t have fun at home, basically.

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