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India’s Comic Con Is Doing It Right

Good News Everyone!

We know you were all worried about the finances of the first annual Indian Comic Con.  I know you were, also, totally aware that India was having a Comic Con.  The Indian comics industry is just a bit younger than our own, and mostly dominated by Western characters, but according to The Times of India and the Hindustan Times there was a very nice turnout of local artists and publishers, many of them offering comics that mine the rich mythological history of India.

Organizers say that even though it was difficult to convince participants to show up, and even though they only broke even, there will definitely be a second con.

This year, we wanted to focus only on Indian comics community; next year it is going to be bigger with international participation,” promises Jatin Varma, 26- year- old organiser of the event.

So how did the con measure up by American standards?

Well, aside from the retailers, the costume contest, and the awards ceremony, there was that most neccessary of all con attributes: more than one Rorchach.  And in the heat, no less!

Congratulations on your very first comic convention, India.  Don’t worry, soon enough you’ll have been around long enough that people will talk about how they were there at the beginning, before all the fans of the latest Bollywood Vampire romance made so that there was a line for everything.

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