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IMPORTANT NEWS: Dolly Parton Got the COVID-19 Vaccine!

As she should! She helped to give us the Moderna vaccine!


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Good days are here again in the sense that Dolly Parton got the COVID-19 vaccine! And out of every public figure making it known they got the vaccine, Dolly is for sure someone who should have gotten theirs first. Because if you remember correctly, Dolly Parton (not a government official) is partly the reason the Moderna vaccine exists.

There are videos that just bring us such a feeling of joy, and that’s going to be this video of Dolly Parton getting her vaccine and singing about it, for me. It’s such a Dolly video, and honestly, would you expect anything else from the country music star?

“I’m old enough to get it and I’m smart enough to get it,” Parton said in a video of her receiving her vaccine, and when I tell you that a wave of relief washed over me, I’m not kidding. Dolly Parton is truly someone we can all proudly look up to, and she constantly uses her platform to be a beacon of hope and happiness for her fans. Seeing her donate her money towards a vaccine and then getting said vaccine? A bright light in this incredibly dark time.

Did I scream when Parton rewrote “Jolene” to be about the vaccine? Absolutely. The video is a beautiful message because we should be encouraging each other to go out and get the vaccine as soon as we’re eligible. Part of the problem right now is that people who are eligible are not going to get the vaccine or don’t know, and so those of us still waiting can’t really do anything but wait.

But with public figures like Dolly Parton encouraging people to go out and get their vaccine, we can maybe see people start to listen and go and get theirs so we reach herd immunity sooner rather than later.

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