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IKEA Furniture Will Soon Be Able to Charge Your Electronics Wirelessly*

*Some assembly required.



There’s now an extra incentive to give a flärke about furniture you have to assemble yourself: IKEA is going to debut furniture that has built in wireless charging pads for your phone and other devices.

Charging without cords is great, but the main drawback is that you need a special surface dedicated to that purpose, which kind of ruins the whole point. With a new line of end tables and lamps with built-in charging pads, IKEA stands to advance more widespread adoption of the technology and rid us of annoying cord tangles—if you even remember to bring your charging cord with you in the first place.

The furniture line will use the Qi wireless charging standard and require no more technical know-how to assemble than any other IKEA furniture, so plan accordingly. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge will include Qi compatibility right in the phones, but for other devices, you’ll need a case or add-on with the Qi functionality to make use of your swanky new geek furniture.

Personally, I’m sold as long as IKEA’s wireless charging pad works better than their bumerang. They never come back to me no matter how many I throw all over the place in my local IKEA.

(via Yahoo, image via IKEA)

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