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If You Have Loved Ones in Boston, Please Text Them Instead of Calling

Our hearts go out this afternoon to the people of Boston and those with family there, and sometimes, that’s all we can say about a thing. In the wake of two explosions near the marathon’s finish line, it’s too early to do much but offer our condolences to those affected. We do feel obliged to pass along one piece of advice — if you’re looking to get in touch with friends or family in the area, please text them rather than calling. We know there’s no replacement for hearing a loved ones’ voice in the wake of a senseless tragedy like this, but authorities in the area have requested that people use text in the interest of keeping phone lines open for emergency response teams.

We’re seeing chatter on Twitter to the effect that cell towers have already been turned off in the city, possibly to prevent cell phone detonation of further explosives. Email may turn out to be your best bet.

If you’re in Boston and safe — and we really hope you that’s the case — and have access to the Internet, a service like HelpBridge can help you get all your “i’m OK” messages out at once and leave you time for more important stuff like getting in and staying safe, as reports indicate that more explosive devices are being discovered even now.

To keep abreast of the latest in this developing story,’s live feed will keep you up to the minute. We hope you and yours are all ok. Stay safe and take care, everyone. We’re holding a good thought.

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