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If Today’s Software Was on 3.5″ Floppy Disks

Mehmet Gozetlik has designed a series of posters riffing on a theme that today’s techies have all thought about at one point or another: Today’s software is very, very big when compared to the standards in place not too many years ago. (See: Moore’s Law.) To hammer the point home, Gozetlik has calculated how many 3.5″ high-density floppy disks it would take to hold the contemporary likes of Firefox and The Sims. (Formatted 3.5″ floppies hold up to 1.44 MB.)

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His findings: It’d take 12 disks to hold Firefox, 36 disks for Firefox Add-Ons; 46 disks for notorious piece of bloatware iTunes; 358 disks for Adobe Photoshop CS4; 1760 disks for The Sims 3. Can you believe that all of Windows 3.1 fit on six floppies?

(Behance via NOTCOT)

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