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“If The Witcher Had a Black Cat” Is a Cinematic Masterpiece


Owl-Kitty Studios makes a video for The Witcher

Award-winning, cutting-edge films? The golden age of television? All pale in comparison to the feat of visual genius that is a 45-second cat video made by OwlKitty Studios, “If The Witcher Had a Black Cat.” If you feel like you could really use something to smile about, I have just the ticket.

I first saw the video when it was retweeted by The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, who declared, “Great god, this is amazing.” Yes, yes it is.

This bit of filmmaking, which negates the need for any further Academy Awards because we’ve reached the pinnacle of cinematic vision, was created by the team at OwlKitty. OwlKitty, “Your Favorite Movie Cat,” is the stage name for the two-year-old black cat, Lizzy, who features in these unparalleled works, as well as the studio itself.

OwlKitty’s creative team consists of Tibo Charroppin, a filmmaker and “photoshop wizard,” Olivia Boone, a writer and content editor, and Juliette, the 10-year-old tabby who serves as Lizzy’s “mom, manager, and agent.” Juliette has clearly advocated for her client, who is well-compensated for her efforts:

[Lizzy] stars in all your favorite movies and tv shows and gets lots of treats and cuddles in return. Offscreen, Lizzy loves her laser pointer, her adoptive mother (a 10 year-old tabby) and the taste of cream cheese. She’s never caught a bird.

The OwlKitty folks are vocal proponents of #adoptdontshop, sharing their own story of Lizzy’s adoption and raising money annually for cat adoption. We love pretty much everything about this endeavor, and if you support OwlKitty on Patreon, you can get perks like autographed postcards and other merch.

But we’re here for Lizzy’s star turn in The Witcher. The photoshopping and editing are a true display of technical wizardry, as she seems to seamlessly appear in a variety of Geralt of Rivia’s adventures. Lizzy laps at the water in Geralt’s infamous bath, rides along with Roach, hitches another ride on Geralt’s shoulder, helps herself to a pint of ale, and lends a paw in the epic fight against Renfri. It’s hilarious, adorable, and strangely fitting. Geralt does seem to get along better with animals than people on the show. There’s zero doubt in my mind that he’s a total cat person.

This is delightful fun to watch, and the skill with which the video is made really does make it seem as though Lizzy is present on the Continent. But this wasn’t her first adventure. If you need more joy and cats in your life—and let’s be real, we do—you can check out some of Lizzy’s other performances. All of the awards and treats.

Here are a few more of our favorite videos:

(via OwlKitty, image: screengrab/OwlKitty, OwlKitty on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Patreon)

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