IE9 Release Date Announced

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The IE9 beta has been kicking around since last September (and has managed to garner 36 million downloads in the interim), but as of next Monday, March 14th, beginning at 9pm Pacific time, you’ll be able to download the final version. The launch coincides with South by Southwest, where the IE9 team says it looks forward to chilling with the likes of Internet favorite Ze Frank and musical artists Yeasayerthe Head and the Heart, and Fences.

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Considering that the beta has already gotten as many downloads as it has, the final product release will be a big event, likely garnering many more downloads than the more buzzed-about web products showcased at SXSW, even if it’s probably not the browser favored by SXSW attendees themselves. Microsoft itself is encouraging the switch with its death clock for IE6, the 10-year-old scourge of web designers everywhere that still manages to hold onto a 12% market share thanks to late adopters and lead-footed businesses.

(The Windows Blog)

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