Michael Cera as Allan standing on a beach in Barbie

I Wish We Could All Watch a Supercut of Michael Cera Dancing When We’re Sad

Allan may just want to fade into the background of Barbieland, but he really makes Barbie director Greta Gerwig so happy. Or maybe that’s just Michael Cera, but also that’s kind of how most of us feel about Michael Cera anyway, so we get it.

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Cera, who played Ken’s best friend who always wants to dress like him and often slips out into the real world without anyone noticing, was a standout in Barbie, but recently, Gerwig admitted that somewhere in the world, hidden away for just her enjoyment, there is a cut of Allan doing the dance that the Barbies and the Kens do at Stereotypical Barbie’s party, and whenever she’s sad, she watches it to make herself feel better.

At a Q&A attended by The A.V. Club, “We decided Allan would know the entire Ken dance and be able to do it on his own on the side, just in case a Ken ever dropped out and needed him to do it. So he knew all the things,” Gerwig said. She then admitted to Cera that she was “sent a video of you doing this dance and I still watch it when I get sad.” She went on to say that her editor, Nick Houy, made a “supercut” of just Cera doing all the dance moves. “And any time we’d get stuck, we were like, let’s just watch Allan.”

Now the question is simply: When can we see the dance so that we all can have the joy that Gerwig gets whenever she’s sad? Because that would be the true Christmas miracle of the season. Please? I really need it.

Release Michael Cera dancing! We all deserve it.

Allan ended up being, much like Ryan Gosling’s Ken, a surprising standout in the film. Always just labeled Ken’s friend, the character had a weight brought to it by Cera, where he just wanted to get out of the Kendom and be back in Barbieland. At the Q&A, The A.V. Club reported that Cera joked back about the supercut that he needed to get that footage.

“I think I need to get that from you for my reel,” he said, talking about the rehearsal process and calling it “humbling” and “humiliating,” but saying that it was “a good place to start, It’s like, ‘ok, I’ve been debased, everybody knows I’m really valueless.’”

Personally, I hope someone does give Michael Cera the footage for his “reel” and that he decides to release it á la Ryan Reynolds with the Deadpool test footage so we can get the Allan cut sooner rather than later. If it makes Gerwig that happy, isn’t that something that she should share with the class? Or at least put on a special features DVD somewhere so we can just have that little bit of happiness of watching Allan try to be like the Kens for one moment?

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