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Pokémon’s 20th Film I Choose You Returns to the Early Days of Pikachu and Ash That Made You Cry

The new Pokémon film comes to Japan next week, and the newest trailer for I Choose You looks at the start of Ash and Pikachu’s journey 20 years ago.

I Choose You looks and feels a bit different from the other Pokémon films, which tend to be one-offs that revolve around a legendary Pokémon and some fantastical quest to save the world. Instead, the 20th Pokémon film returns to the first episodes and the relationship that Ash forges with Pikachu after the two of them not getting along at first. Remember that Spearow episode? Well, this trailer set to the saddest tune will take you back to all those emotions.

It won’t be a huge departure from the movie format or just a retelling of the generation one episodes however, as Ho-Oh similarly makes an appearance and there’s one character described as “a mysterious old man who knows about the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh and is determined to chase it at any costs.” Additionally, a mysterious Marshadow will follow Ash and his gang.

I haven’t been keeping up with many of the recent Pokémon films, mostly because I haven’t been keeping in touch with the wave of new Pokémon, so I Choose You might be the film to bring back my engagement with the anime. There’s no news yet about when the film will come to the US, but I’ll be watching some old episodes and the tear-inducing first movie in preparation.

What do you think about I Choose You revisiting the early episodes?

(via Polygon, image: screencap)

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