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Learn Questionable Chinese From Creepy Webseries, Wait, Is That David Tennant?

what is this I don't even

So, upon being introduced to iamxiaoli’s YouTube channel by The Daily What, I forwarded it to the only Chinese speaker I know because I had to know why this chick was teaching Chinese with a drugged lady and what looked like David Tennant duct-taped to a chair.

Upon further investigation, it appears that what we’re looking at is mostly a webseries of vague creepyness, under the pretense of teaching possibly-questionable Chinese. And it’s probably not David Tennant, just a guy with big eyes and scruffy hair.

But I’m not going to let all that hard-hitting investigative journalism go to waste, so here. Second video under the cut.

From my Chinese speaking friend:

At first, at the very beginning, she said “My name is Xiaoli”

And then she says “I’m called Xiaoli” a bunch of times

And she asks David Tennent what his name is

A few times.


That is one way to get the doctor to tell you his real name.

Tie him up to a creepy chair and ask him in Chinese…

Oh and the other one [below]

Is really funny

She says “I speak Chinese”

And point to David Tennent

And is like “He doesn’t.”

(via TDW.)

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