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You’ll Never Know How I Met Your Dad, Because the How I Met Your Mother Spinoff Won’t Be a Show



Don’t be sad, Ted. The world cared about your manpain. It cared for nine seasons. Or, it cared for a couple seasons, at which point we were mostly watching for Lilly and Marshall and Barney and Robin. But your spinoff with a female lead? CBS has decided they’re not into it.

There was significant buzz for a planned spinoff of How I Met Your Mother that would go by How I Met Your Dad in the weeks leading up to the former’s controversial series finale, but CBS has announced today that they will not be picking HIMYD up for series. Was controversy was just too much? Is CBS just not into the spinoff game? Not into the Greta Gerwig-led sitcom game?

Nah, it seems like the pilot just wasn’t very good. Nina Tassler, chairman of CBS Entertainment, told reporters:

There were elements on the pilot that didn’t work out. We tried to work out about redoing the pilot. That’s not happening right now. Sometimes you run into these kind of issues and you hope they can resolve themselves in that time frame… I’m heartsick; we loved this brand and we love the producers but it didn’t work out.

Deadline’s sources say that 20th TV, the subsidiary of 20th Century Fox that owns HIMYM and HIMYD, were willing to agree to redo the pilot, if they were guaranteed that the new pilot would get picked up. CBS was uninterested in that deal, and so things are not likely to change in HIMYD‘s favor anytime soon.

With the widely varied response to the finale of How I Met Your Mother, I can’t say for certain whether this news will come as a relief or a disappointment to fans of the show. Maybe some of them could enlighten us in comments?

(via The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline.)

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