Honest Trailer for Star Trek: The Next Generation Reminds Us of the Show’s Silliest Moments

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For many, Star Trek: The Next Generation is the smartest and classiest Trek. But the show had plenty of misfires, along with some oft-repeated tropes. And Honest Trailers has compiled them into a hilarious reel.

I don’t want to give away all of the beats in this excellent video, but I have to say I love the introductions given to each crew member, like so:

“Worf, a Klingon warrior who never runs out of Klingon fun facts.”

“Data, an android who drops being an android into the conversation like your friend who just became a vegan.”

“Dr. Crusher. Who’s just kind of there most of the time.”

“And Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the most British Frenchman in the galaxy.”

And speaking of Stewart: “Watch world-class actor Patrick Steward remain fully committed to his dialogue, even when the writers clearly fell asleep on their keyboards.”

This might be my favorite description of all (where is the lie): “Q, an omnipotent trickster with a serious man-crush on Captain Picard.”

The trailer calls out a few episodes that I actually consider guilty pleasures, like “Sub Rosa,” the one with Dr. Crusher and a Scottish alien ghost who ends up reanimating her dead grandmother (it’s a long story), and the two-parter “Time’s Arrow”: “Full of unforgettable moments, and a few they wish you would forget, like the time the gang met Mark Twain.” Hey, I love Mark Twain and I love those episodes and I wrote an essay on them in college, you can pry “Time’s Arrow” from my cold dead hands.

And lest we forget: “Concerts. Lots and lots of concerts.”

“But seriously, go back and watch the episode where Dr. Crusher bones a space ghost. It’s … it’s amazing.”

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