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How It Should Have Ended Gives Logan a Musical Send-Off

How It Should Have Ended continues to poke fun at our favorite geeky movies in a new installment for Logan. In the clip, they call back to a bunch of X-Men movies, which is no surprise. What is a surprisingly pleasant addition, however, is the reference to Hugh Jackman’s role as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables as we get an ending number that would make Victor Hugo proud.

If you’re asking how to even go about doing a HISHE Logan, the brutal and beautiful goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, the team is on the same page. They write in the description that “Logan already ends pretty beautifully.”

When talking about flaws our biggest hang up in the film was stopping to have dinner with the family. That’s the point where everything goes bad, so really that’s where Logan should’ve put his foot down. Then Chris’ cousins called him up one day saying ‘We just heard the Les Misérables finale in the car and were laughing about how similar it is to the end of Logan.’ So we watched the scene and started giggling at the possibilities. A few weeks later there where lyrics, drawings, and an actual choir from New Zealand singing our goofy track. It has been a bizarre month. We hope you enjoy this silly mashup.

The silly mashup features the voices of Nicholas Andrew Louie, Mark L. Stamper, and the Inspirare Vocal Ensemble. With lyrics like “Do you hear the Wolverine?/Drinking his beer and saying bub./It is a franchise stretched too far” and “To cast another person now/Is simply a lost cause,” however, HISHE gets in their shots at the Wolverine franchise which has spanned from great to unwatchable over 17 years.

Of course, no superhero content is complete without a special end-credit scene. Don’t step out just yet.

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