Gon x Killua in Hunter x Hunter
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Here’s Every ‘Hunter x Hunter’ Filler Episode

The joy, and occasional yawn fest, regarding filler episodes, is an interesting phenomena. In case you didn’t know, filler episodes in anime are essentially those that can be skipped in a series. Normally, they serve as a break from the narrative (and potential chaos of whatever is going on). Which isn’t to say that they don’t have value. Sometimes they really help develop the characters further (and that’s appreciated in a very plot-heavy show).

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In the case of the Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime there are very few filler episodes. Though, the 1999 version of the series has a few more. If you’re curious as to which episodes they are, read on. And if you’re looking to watch, Hunter x Hunter (2011) can be accessed on a handful of streaming platforms, such as Netflix and Funimation. Hunter x Hunter (1999) is a little harder to access, but I’ve heard you can find many of the original episodes on YouTube.

Hunter x Hunter Anime Filler Episodes (1999)

kurapika in Hunter x Hunter
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5 out of 62 episodes are fillers and 10 episodes (4-6, 11-12, 26-27, 32-34) are mixed canon/filler.

The straight fillers are:

  • Episode 2 (“Encounter x Intimidation x Departure”)
  • Episode 7 (“Trauma x Limit x Sweet Trap”)
  • Episode 18 (“Treasure x Memory x Hotel Room”)
  • Episode 19 (“Separation x Diary x Water Inflow”)
  • Episode 20 (“Giant Wave x Cannon x Huge Rush“)

Hunter x Hunter Anime Filler Episodes (2011)

gon x killua in Hunter x Hunter
(Madhouse and Viz Media)

Impressively enough Hunter x Hunter (2011) has very few filler episodes. Which is quite uncommon in anime! There are only 2 filler episodes throughout the whole series.

  • Episode 13 (“Letter x From x Gon”)
  • Episode 26 (“Then x And x After”)

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