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Here Are the 2022 Razzie Nominations—With a Special Category Just for Bruce Willis


The cast of Diana The Musical, on Netflix.

Well, whether it feels like it or not, time is in fact passing despite us being trapped in an unending pandemic quagmire; which means that once again awards season is here to drive Film Twitter (and the rest of us) insane for the next two months.

Certain ceremonies, like the Golden Globes, tried to keep a low profile this year by forgoing a public ceremony altogether and instead releasing some truly disastrous (and extremely baffling) tweets of their winners. The Academy Awards will be announcing their nominations on February 8, but, beating them to the punch this time was the Golden Raspberry Foundation, who announced their annual Razzie nominations this morning.

Which, fine, I guess. The Razzies have been around since the 1980s when publicist John J.B. Wilson started hosting them in his living room as a joke for his friends. What started as an amusing bit amongst pals has now become its own publicity mill—churning out hack jokes and trying to appeal to the broadest common denominator.

Anyone can purchase a membership to the Golden Raspberry Foundation and cast their vote, and they don’t even need to watch any of the films in order to do so. (Not that much of the Academy does either!) The Razzies have always been about picking the easy targets or the most infamous films of the year, not necessarily the worst. They famously nominated and awarded Stanley Kubrick with Worst Director for his iconic classic The Shining.

But I digress. The Razzie noms are here, and much like other awards ceremonies, they have made some pandemic-related adjustments to include films that received a streaming-only release. This means that Netflix’s Diana The Musical (a filmed adaption of the Broadway trash fire that lasted only 33 performances) landed the most nominations this year, with 9 total, including Worst Film. 

Bruce Willis also received a special category all his own in recognition of the many horrible, straight to VOD movies he has been part of recently, and the one limited theatrical release picture: Midnight in the Switchgrass (which also received several other Razzie noms). 

Amy Adams received double nominations for The Woman in the Window and Dear Evan Hansen, as did Taryn Manning for Karen and Every Last One of Them. Ben Affleck received a Worst Supporting Actor nomination for his role in The Last Duel, which bombed at the box office but is actually an incredible film and I think Affleck is terrific as Pierre d’Alençon, but people want to laugh at the blonde wig, I guess.

As always, the lamest jokes of the Razzies come in the “Worst Couples” category. Where couple means “Jared Leto and his fat suit in House of Gucci” (which, I am for calling out thin actors in fat suits but putting this in the couples category—it’s a stretch!) or Ben Platt and his fellow co-stars in Dear Evan Hansen for “Acting Like Platt Singing 24-7 is Normal” …. It’s a musical babes! Everyone is singing! That’s the point! At least the unending “how do you do fellow kids” jokes that have haunted Platt and the film make sense! 

Anyways, here is the full list of nominations!

Worst Picture

Diana the Musical (The Netflix Version)



Space Jam: A New Legacy

The Woman in the Window

Worst Actor

Scott Eastwood / Dangerous

Roe Hartrampf (As Prince Charles)/ Diana the Musical

LeBron James / Space Jam: A New Legacy

Ben Platt / Dear Evan Hansen

Mark Wahlberg / Infinite

Worst Actress

Amy Adams / The Woman in the Window

Jeanna de Waal / Diana the Musical

Megan Fox / Midnight in the Switchgrass

Taryn Manning / Karen  

Ruby Rose / Vanquish

Worst Supporting Actress 

Amy Adams / Dear Evan Hansen

Sophie Cookson / Infinite

Erin Davie (As Camilla)/ Diana the Musical

Judy Kaye (As BOTH Queen Elizabeth & Barbara Cartland)/ Diana the Musical

Taryn Manning / Every Last One of Them

Worst Supporting Actor

Ben Affleck / The Last Duel

Nick Cannon / The Misfits

Mel Gibson / Dangerous

Gareth Keegan (As James Hewitt, the Muscle-Bound Horse Trainer)/

Diana the Musical

Jared Leto / House of Gucci

Worst Performance by Bruce Willis in a 2021 Movie

Bruce Willis / American Siege

Bruce Willis / Apex                         

Bruce Willis / Cosmic Sin                

Bruce Willis / Deadlock 

Bruce Willis / Fortress                    

Bruce Willis / Midnight in the Switchgrass

Bruce Willis / Out of Death             

Bruce Willis / Survive the Game

Worst Screen Couple 

Any Klutzy Cast Member & Any Lamely Lyricized (or Choreographed) Musical Number / Diana the Musical

LeBron James & Any Warner Cartoon Character (or Time-Warner Product) He Dribbles on / Space Jam: A New Legacy

Jared Leto & EITHER His 17-Pound Latex Face, His Geeky Clothes or His Ridiculous Accent / House of Gucci

Ben Platt & Any Other Character Who Acts Like Platt Singing 24-7 is Normal / Dear Evan Hansen

Tom & Jerry (aka Itchy & Scratchy)/ Tom & Jerry the Movie

Worst Remake, Rip-Off, or Sequel

Karen (Inadvertent Remake of Cruella deVil)

Space Jam: A New Legacy

Tom & Jerry the Movie

Twist (Rap remake of Oliver Twist)

The Woman in the Window (Rip-Off of Rear Window)

Worst Director

Christopher Ashley / Diana the Musical

Stephen Chbosky / Dear Evan Hansen

“Coke” Daniels / Karen

Renny Harlin / The Misfits

Joe Wright / The Woman in the Window

Worst Screenplay 

Diana the Musical / Script by Joe DiPietro, Music and Lyrics by DiPietro and David Bryan

Karen / Written by “Coke” Daniels

The Misfits / Screenplay by Kurt Wimmer and Robert Henny, Screen Story by Henny

Twist / Written by John Wrathall & Sally Collett, Additional Material by Matthew Parkhill, Michael Lindley, Tom Grass & Kevin Lehane, from an “Original Idea” by David & Keith Lynch and Simon Thomas

The Woman in the Window / Screenplay by Tracy Letts, from the Novel by A.J. Finn

Nominations per Picture

Diana the Musical (9 Nominations, including Worst Picture, Actor & Actress)

Karen (5 Nominations, including Picture, Actress, Screenplay & Director)

The Woman in the Window (5 Nominations, including Picture, Actress & Remake/Rip-Off)

Space Jam: A New Legacy (4 Nominations, including Picture, Actor & Screen Couple) 

Infinite (3 Nominations, including Worst Picture, Actor & Supporting Actress)

The Misfits (3 Nominations, including Supporting Actor, Director & Screenplay)

The ceremony will take place on March 26. Who do you think deserves to take home a Razzie?

(via: The Golden Raspberry Foundation, image: Netflix)

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