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Engadget Writer Sets Guinness World Record for Most Blog Posts Ever Written

That takes chops. (And a little bit of obsessiveness.) Engadget associate editor Darren Murph has been recognized by Guinness World Records Ltd. as the professional blogger who has written the most blog posts ever: 17,212 as of July 29th.

Engadget puts things into perspective:

That’s single posts on Engadget, Engadget HD, and Engadget Mobile, not duplicated work. We obviously couldn’t be more proud of Darren and the work he’s done (and continues to do) here, and we think this is an amazing feat for one writer. Of course, this is the guy who did 59 posts in a single day at CES 2008. Seriously. To put it in perspective, his current word count is at 3,389,148. That’s War and Peace about six times over.

Congrats, Darren!

(Wonder how far Andrew Sullivan and the Daily What dude are from catching up?)

(via Engadget | Darren Murph’s author page)

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